Eucommia Tea has been used for many centuries for medicinal purposes. Ancient Chinese medicine is one alternative use for tea. Tea is used for all kinds of ailments. Some teas can even prevent or treat various kinds of cancer. There is tree in China called the Eucommia ulmoides tree.

Eucommia Tea 杜仲强腰茶

Taste:  Cool, bitter and sweet 寒、苦、甘


Dosage: Place 1-2  sachets into boiling water, soak 20 minutes, drinks while the tea warm.1-2茶袋杜仲强腰茶放进热水浸泡20分钟就可享用。

The most prominent medicinal use for Eucommia tea is to treat lower back pain and the pain. Because the tea can strengthen the lower body and cleanse the liver and kidney it helps help maintain overall health of these organs. The tea is also famous for providing joint lubrication and functionality. It is also used to strengthen tendons. Eucommia tea also promotes strong bone health. When Eucommia tea is used regularly it can produce age defying benefits. Many people who drink this tea claim they feel lighter in mood and younger. This tea can also promotes weight loss and helps to maintain long-term weight management.

Studies done in Japan showed that using Eucommia tea for one full month can reduce abdominal fat. However not everyone is able to drink this tea as some people claim to have stomach pain or insomnia after using. It is best to drink Eucommia tea hot and without sugar. The nutritional content of the tea is diluted if you let it sit longer than one hour after brewing. You should not drink this tea on empty stomach or before going to bed. It is best to drink this tea immediately after eating a meal. If you are taking medications of any kind is best to consult with your doctor before using Eucommia tea as it may appear with lipid lowering medication. Patients who have severe heart or kidney disease should not drink too much this tea at a time.


Lower Back Pain Go!减轻腰酸骨痛!

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Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 2g/tea bag


Per 100g

Per serving


303.9 kcal

6.1 kcal




Total Carbohydrate



Total Fat