Ken-V Tea

Ken-V Tea is made from local herbs-Stachytarpheta jamaicensis and others herb, it is effective for peoples those are suffering from the  ‘heaty nature’ as result of eating too much fried or spicy food and living a stressful life-style by many modern people .

Stachytarpheta jamaicensis Is a species of plant in the Verbenaceae family. Native throughout the Caribbean, the species is commonly known as blue porterweed or Jamaica vervain.

Medicinal usage:

The fresh leaves are consumed in bush tea as a “cooling” tonic and blood cleanser, to treat reduce cough and “ulcerated stomachs.”

Tea brewed from this species has been shown to cause a dose dependent "fall in [the] blood pressure" of normal rabbits. However, the tea has also been observed to cause a "mild non-dose dependent systematic toxicity" in various tissues throughout the body, "such as conjestion, fatty changes, and necrosis in liver, blood vessels,  lung and testis, but the brain, eyes, intestines and heart were essentially normal.

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Stachytarpheta jamaicensis is a weedy annual (and sometimes perennial) herbaceous plant that grows 60–120 cm tall. It bears small reddish-purple to deep blue flowers that grow along tall bracts that are favored by butterflies. It is indigenous to most parts of tropical America and, although some consider it a semi-invasive weed, it is sometimes cultivated as an ornamental plant for its blue flowers and deeply-serrated, dark green leaves.

Ken-V Tea

Taste:  Cool, bitter and sweet

Dosage: Immerse sachet into hot water for at least 20 minutes. 1-2 sachets per day or when necessary, drinks while the tea warm.

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Packing :( 20 sachets x 2.5gm per box

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                         Testimony 1:  Ms. Leong Poh Lee from Ipoh   2005

I liked to eat spicy food I was small. I would not feel satisfied unless  emptied the whole plate of chili source into my bowl when I ate my  soup-noodles. Therefore there is little wonder for me to get gastric problems in my teens. However, I took it as a small matter and did not pay much attention to it as a few tablets of pain-killer could relieve my pain. It was just too difficult for me to abstain from spicy food. Then, in August 2004, my gastric troubled me again.

The pain was too great for me to bear. , I went to see a doctor for a medical check-up. The doctor told me that I had gastric ulcers. I had to be admitted as there were bacteria. I was discharged after a few days of hospitalization. Then a younger cousin sister of mine recommended me to drink KEN-V Tea. After drinking it for just a few days, a lot of ”gastric wind” was belched out through my mouth. I felt very much relieved after that and there was no more bloating in my stomach. Prior to this, some of my friends often laughed at him for having a bloated stomach like a pregnant woman. Ken-V Tea also made it easier for me to move the bowels. My stomach is not bloated any more.


Testimonial 2 : Abdul Samad  2005

I have been suffering from gastric problems for 7-8 years.

Despite knowing that a person having a gastric problem must

abstain fro spicy food, I , however, had already formed a habit

of eating spicy food since I was young. As a result, I became a

regular customer” of a specialist hospital. Every month, I had go to

the hospital for a regular check-up and for my medicine. In August 2004, Mrs.

Cham, a neighbor of mine, recommended me to drink ”Ken-V Tea” . She said it

is a prescription of herbs. I had no objection to giving it a try as it is to me also

a kind of ‘medicine’ . After drinking it for a week, I felt very much relieved. Formerly, only the medicine prescribed by my doctor could relieve me of my pain. After a month, I found that my gastric problem was very much lessened and I did not have to depend on my doctor’s medicine to relieve me any more.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 2g/tea bag


Per 100g

Per serving


284.4 kcal

5.7 kcal




Total Carbohydrate



Total Fat