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Control Body Weight 控制体重 !

This sweet, soothing Natures Green Tea blend from many kind of tropical herbs gently cleanses the urinary, nourishes the intestinal and support for the immune systems. This product is designed to be used as part of a total fitness plan that includes regular exercise and a balanced diet.

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Packing :( 20 sachets x 2.5gm per box

Green Tea(Camellia )绿茶- unoxidized and retains much of its antioxidants and nutrients. It boosts the metabolism, burns fat, and increases exercise endurance. There have been many scientific studies that prove how beneficial green tea is when it comes to losing the pounds.含丰富营养和抗氧剂功能。 它促进新陈代谢,燃烧脂肪,并且增加锻炼耐力。 有许多科学研究证明绿茶能帮助减轻体重。

Coriander芫荽- used to improve digestion and to treat loss of appetite. -帮助消化力和恢复胃口 .

Cassia Seed 决明子- It's good for the brain, liver, tendons and bones, as well as eyes.-补充脑力、眼力,健脾胃和骨骼。

Eucommia leaf 杜仲叶- can reduce fattiness, enhance metabolism and energy.可以减少脂肪,提高新陈代谢和能量 .

Ganoderma 灵芝- help in natural detoxification, helps the body to heal itself and strengthens organs and the immune system.-天然排毒解毒草药,帮助愈合身体并且加强身体器官和免疫系统。

Licorice甘草 - increased physical activity could contribute to substantial weight loss.性平、味甜,是一味补气益脾的中药,它的抗衰老作用也是很强的。

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Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 2g/tea bag


Per 100g

Per serving


308.5 kcal

6.1 kcal




Total Carbohydrate



Total Fat